Colour is a visual experience, how can we experience the full impact without excellent light?

The Pleasure of Making 

dubháin was created from a passion to discover what makes great design. The belief that furniture and lighting can be made differently by focusing attention on the process, is central to our collection. Reacting to the design process in the way we do, creates a playful yet sophisticated combination.

We call this the pleasure of making.

Designed for Life

In this instant era, of continual change and discard, we believe that through honest design we can be more sustainable. A lengthy design process allows us to carefully create and test each element to the highest performance.

Using only the best materials, each item is hand crafted and carefully assembled to stand the test of time. Better designs,

last longer.


We are currently searching for talented artisans to bring our project to realisation

Contact us for design drawings and collaboration information. 

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