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dubháin  x  MiMOKO

Piro is an exploration of movement in lighting.  Inspired by a spinning top, it asks you to manually interact with the piece, turning the lamp over to dim the light. 


The porcelain body is thrown in two parts and assembled before receiving its signature crackle glaze and gold dot. Hand blown and frosted milk glass protects the LED source, spreading a beautiful diffuse light.  Controlled by a touch sense switch, the lamp offers three brightness settings and has a 12 hour rechargeable battery life.  The programming of the batteries and LEDs are specified for longevity and with the structure of the lamp designed for disassembly it encourages our right to repair and replace parts.


Intended to be perceived by touch, Piro alludes to the playful nature in all of us. 

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Ceramics Process

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Electronics Process

Piro will be a limited production with each piece handmade to order and numbered 1 to 10.

Production will begin in February 2023.

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