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 Reflections beyond the Rainforest

 Inspired by the reflections from the

 underwater kelp forests of the Pacific



Grace Lee:

eikam ceramics

Having worked as an art director and designer for an international tableware brand, Grace continues to travel extensively but often finds inspiration close to home in the natural beauty of British Columbia. 

This one-off piece, designed with dubháin for an exhibition, is an excellent distillation of her whimsical style, layering colour and texture to compliment the form, shape and functionality of the piece.

Working from her large, light filled studio in East Vancouver, the change to lighting design encouraged a freedom of expression and a chance to experiment with new production methods.


The Design

Inspired by the reflections from the underwater kelp forests of the Pacific Northwest. This exhibition series was designed to highlight the beauty and encourage a deeper conversation of the massive climate changes happening in our coastal waters.

Echoing the warm glow of sunlit seaweed, these porcelain vessels hang 18" long, each with a lighting element suspended within. The carefully designed tension system, of fine stainless steel wire and brass discs, allowed for no visible fixtures or adhesive.

The delicate metalwork adds curiosity and complexity, encouraging closer attention to the pale hues within. 

Sketch 03.png
Sketch 04.png
Sketch 02.png
Sketch 04.png
Sketch 07.png

"This project involved a different approach to my creative process, which was quite exciting. Working with porcelain in a completely different way was really satisfying, but experimenting with the unknown has been an excellent exercise of accepting the flow of the process." - Grace Lee

Be Playful.  Enjoy.

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